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Aikido Beginners

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From the Developer

Aikido For Beginners - 20 video lessons!

Aikido beginners is a series of 20 video lessons on this great martial art and form of self defence.

Aikido will give you a sense of wellbeing and security whilst getting you fit and helping you to stay in shape.

Lessons Include;

Turning Wrist Lock
Head Throw Technique
Basic Disarms
Shoulder Drop
Bent Arm Lock
Spinning Head Throw Technique
Under Arm Throw
Arm Lock Throw
Aikido Beginner Part 1
Aikido Beginner Part 2
Aikido Beginner Part 3
Aikido Beginner Part 4
Head Strike
Reverse Throw
Wrist Grab Defence
Hook Punch Defense
Rear Bear Hug Choke
Overhead Strike Choke
Double Wrist Grab Choke
Ikkyo From A Lapel Grab

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