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Advanced Networking Wizard

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From the Developer

Upward Mobility’s Advanced Networking app is designed to help you learn key principals that you would need to run an advanced network with technologies from vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco.

With 230+ custom-written questions and detailed answers, this tool could be used to study for an exam like the ones offered by CompTIA or Cisco, or just to advanced your own knowledge.

In our module, each question is paired with an explanatory answer and a Key Takeaway. The Key Takeaway is designed to ensure that the crucial learning point of the question is mastered. Not only that, Key Takeaways support the answer with important insights on how to practically apply the knowledge in a real world situation so you can be more successful in your career.


Flow-through: Go through our premium curriculum question by question. You can resume where you left off using the Review Screen.

Review mode: Keeps track of questions you reviewed and understood. This allows you to track your progress and circle back to specific questions. You can also jump to specific topics to focus on areas that you want to work on.

Test Mode: Set your own time, categories and number of questions for a simulated exam.

Supported Versions

This version will work on all current versions of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch.

About Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility was formed to create high quality management education and test preparation material that is witty, engaging and adds value in the learning process. We hire only expert writers who have strong knowledge in the subject matter and put all of our materials through a thorough review process. We deploy our content through mediums such as mobile applications and other interactive channels.

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