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1300 Math Formulas Mega Pack

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Math Formulas is a comprehensive list of basic math formulas commonly used when doing basic math computation for students and engineers. The apps covers all the areas from high school maths to maths for advanced undergraduates in engineering, economics, physical sciences, and mathematics.

This app contains more than 1000 formulas, tables and figures from Number sets, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Series, and Probability Theory. It also has free equations for algebra learners help to practice with equations involving one step, two steps and multi-steps. The structured table content and images make finding the relevant information quick and painless, so students can used it as an everyday reference guide.

From the Developer

Best collection of math formulas for education.
More than 1000 formulas in 1 app!

In this app you will find:

Number Sets

- Set Identities
- Sets of Numbers
- Basic Identities
- Complex Numbers


- Factoring Formulas
- Product Formulas
- Powers
- Roots
- Logarithms
- Equations
- Inequalities
- Compound Interest Formulas


- Right Triangle
- Isosceles Triangle
- Equilateral Triangle
- Scalene Triangle
- Square
- Rectangle
- Parallelogram
- Rhombus
- Trapezoid
- Isosceles Trapezoid
- Isosceles Trapezoid with Inscribed Circle
- Trapezoid with Inscribed Circle
- Kite
- Cyclic Quadrilateral
- Tangential Quadrilateral
- General Quadrilateral
- Regular Hexagon
- Regular Polygon
- Circle
- Sector of Circle
- Segment of Circle
- Cube
- Rectangular Parallelepiped
- Prism
- Regular Tetrahedron
- Regular Pyramid
- Frustum of a Regulat Pyramid
- Rectangular Right Wedge
- Platonic Solids
- Right Circular Cylinder
- Right Circular Cylinder with an Oblique Plane Face
- Right Circular Cone
- Frustum of a Right Circular Cone
- Sphere
- Spherical Cap
- Spherical Sector
- Spherical Segment
- Spherical Wedge
- Ellipsoid
- Circular Torus


- Radian and Degree Measures of Angles
- Definitions and Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
- Signs of Trigonometric Functions
- Trigonometric Functions of Common Angles
- Most Important Formulas
- Reduction Formulas
- Periodicity of Trigonometric Functions
- Relations between Trigonometric Functions
- Addition and Substraction Formulas
- Double Angle Formulas
- Multiple Angle Formulas
- Half Angle Formulas
- Half Angle Tangent Identities
- Transforming of Trigonometric Expressions to Product
- Transforming of Trigonometric Expressions to Sum
- Powers of Trigonometric Functions
- Principal Values of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
- Relations between Inverse Trigonometric Functions
- Trigonometric Equations
- Relations to Hyperbolic Functions

Matrices and Determinants

- Determinants
- Properties of Determinants
- Matrices
- Operations with Matrices
- Systems of Linear Equations


- Vector Coordinates
- Vector Addition
- Vector Substraction
- Scalling Vectors
- Scalar Product
- Vector Product
- Triple Product

Analytic Geometry

- One-Dimensional Coordinate System
- Two-Dimensional Coordinate System
- Straight Line in Plane
- Circle
- Ellipse
- Hyperbola
- Parabola
- Three-Dimensional Coordinate Systen
- Plane
- Straight Line in Space
- Quadric Surface
- Sphere

Differential Calculus

- Functions and Their Graphs
- Limits of Functions
- Definition and Properties of the Derivative
- Table of Derivatives
- Higher Order Derivatives
- Application of Derivative
- Multivariable Functions
- Differential Operators

Integral Calculus

- Indefinite Integral
- Integrals of Rational Functions
- Integrals of Irrational Functions
- Integrals of Trigonometric Functions
- Integrals of Hyperbolic Functions
- Integrals of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
- Reduction Formulas
- Definite Integral
- Improper Integral
- Double Integral
- Triple Integral
- Line Integral
- Surface Integral

Differential Equations

- First Order Differential Equations
- Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
- Some Partial Differential Equations


- Arithmetic Series
- Geometric Series
- Some Finite Series
- Infinite Series
- Properties of Convergent Series
- Convergence Tests
- Alternating Series
- Power Series
- Differentiation and Integration of Power Series
- Taylor and Maclaurin Series
- Binomial Series
- Fourier Series


- Permutations and Combinations
- Probability Formulas

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