About Us

What we see as the problem...

In June 2016 there were in excess of 5.3m apps found across the major app stores, with an estimated 350,000 categorised as "Educational".

In the same period, education represented the third-most popular category of active apps within the App Store , with a share of 9.21 percent of all app downloads .

However, according to the Association of Psychological Science and are own field research, most educational apps are marketed towards young children with a large number not held to any science based standards or subject to certification. This results in many teachers and parents simply not knowing how or where to start.

What we think the solution is...

A marketplace where the very best educational apps are organised according to learning outcomes, by qualified teachers and leading academics.

Why now...

Because we think there are now too many apps deemed 'Educational' and that the larger marketplaces have become ineffective from a search and recommendation perspective.

Invitational Company ASU GSV 2016
ASU GSV 2016
Invitational Venture-Stage Company
Juror 2015 - BAFTA Children's awards
BAFTA Children's Awards 2015
Edtech Mission to San Diego and San Fransico 2016
Edtech Mission to San Diego &
San Fransico 2016